The Blood Aegis is a peace keeping 'security force' that works across Azeroth and Draenor should it be required, working to disassemble the threats of the High Kingdom and the new horde. The guild itself is split into two sectors, the Peace Keepers force and the special operatives the Illusion Blades. The Peace Keepers as the name suggests is the face of the order, working as front line operatives, camp specialists, siege engineers and also as the enforcers of military law to their allied forces. The Illusion Blades work beneath the public eye, mysterious and as catchable as mist they are the special operatives of the Blood Aegis. Following a discipline blended of martial and arcane practices, these Sin'dorei are bound and led by Oneshar.

Peacekeepers Codex:
Illusionary Blades Codex:

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